2016 – Present

  • Lead Innovation expansion to Asia, partnered with Beijing based China CACSI Engineering Corporation (a Level 2 State Owned Enterprise member of SinoMach , a Global Fortune 500 company) and establishes Lead Innovation CACSI HK in Hong.
  • Lead Innovation CACSI HK, as lead negotiator, helped China CACSI sign with Bahria Foundation a landmark project called “China and Pakistan Refinery Project” valued at US$2 Billion, which has been its largest contract to date.
  • Lead Innovation CACSI HK became the first company in the Greater Bay Area to enter into a project under the One Belt One Road st rategy between China CACSI with Dr. Rodrigode Souza dos Santos of EGTA representing the Angola government for energy and social housing. In the first phase, 7,400 units of affordable housing would be built, a project with a value of more than US$240 million (RMB1.6 8 b illion).
  • Lead Innovation begins its digital transformation initiative with the spin off of its Lifestyle business focusing on the America s and European market investment into Exciton Corporation, a Web3 company securing its capabilities in digital technologies, Augment Reality (A /R), Virtual Reality (V/R), and interactive digital multimedia (“IDM”).
  • Lead Innovation begins “Renergy ” brand to enter the green energy business with its Smart Building, a zero carbon self sustaining energy building concept.
  • Lead Innovation intents to acquire one of the biggest PV fully integrated fabrication plants, solar farms, and wind farms in Turkey.
  • Lead Innovation takes the lead in spearheading the development of the First Comprehensive Italian Solar Production under the aus pices of the United Nations. It completed the turn key design of the combined clean energy BIPV integrated wind solar battery manufacturing capable of producing 4GW annual output for Naples, Italy under the United Nations Development Program.
  • Lead Innovation signs exclusive Joint Venture with EIFS (Belt & Road) Limited and Guangdong Mingyang Electric Co., Ltd for initial deployment of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) in the Americas.
  • Lead Innovation takes the lead in pioneering the digitization of holograms, transforming them into a virtual realm by integrating holography with cutting edge technologies like AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality. This initiative promotes holograms in various me diums, both traditional and digital, including hologram education, while fostering synergy among these advancements.