Lead Innovation is a company based on traditions, culture, respect, and integrity. Our cultured past has allowed us to see the future through a lens that contains untapped potential.

Lead Innovation Group (“Lead Innovation”) is an international conglomerate and an established market leader with over 20 years of history in a number of industries.

Lead Innovation is based in the USA and China with operations that span 4 continents, in 9 countries and 6 major industry groups.

The group has a history of operating in real estate development and expanded its operations to include tourism & hospitality, food beverage, energy & environment, high tech, education, etc Other added core businesses include international trade financing, robotics manufacturing, and healthcare.

Lead Innovation, recognizing the new trend toward a digital economy, is now focusing on digital augmented businesses such as Web3 and its new concept eBusiness of Everything TM development.

Through investment opportunities in the broader media and technology category and other sectors to broaden its present holding, Lead Innovation has also entered into the strategic management of certain select companies and are advisors to several cities on free trade zone
and modernization of their economic infrastructure.

Lead Innovation currently has a net asset base of US$ 4 billion under management

We strive to create and foster an eco friendly and socially responsible global business by keeping our environment and well being in mind.

Lead Innovation Group

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