Creating a truly eco-friendly global platform of world class companies while keeping both environment and human safety in mind

Lead Innovation Group

Who we are

We assist medium and large corporations, cities, and governments to transform their companies or organizations to seize the opportunities presented by the digital network era.

We believe in end-to-end processes, from design to implementation of transformational programs to identify disruptive transformation and capture new opportunities.

We partner with companies from medium to Fortune 500 corporations to solve big challenges, create tangible impact and help them expand in the high growth emerging markets.


Our operations span the globe. We have business interest on 4 continents, in 9 countries and across 6 major industry groups.

We believe in innovation Potential Universe, improving every person’s life and transforming industries through technology.

We have been operating and constinuously expanding our operations in the real estate market covering the areas of design and architecture, tourism and hospitality, and food and beverage, giving us a strong competitive edge.

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